Welcome Cybernauts!

Asarapi Masala resting at Svarga SIM

This site was inspired by my explorations into virtual reality.  My fascination started back in the early 80s, when I would hear early Commodore Amiga and Atari users at a computer store, speaking about creating a virtual 3D space where “avatars” could hang out.  Full Color monitors and the 3D graphics frontier was the rage.   Back when Second Life started in 2003, I remember looking at ads for it, but I thought it was a game which required a mega workstation or gaming computer, I was using a basic Mac G4 at the time, but when I got a Mac G5, I decided to try it.  

I first logged in to (Linden Lab’s) “Second Life” Metaverse on February 02, 2007.  It was an amazing experience, learning to navigate, to use the 3D building tools, to fly and teleport in this new environment was a brain booster, plus meeting and making friends with other cybernauts which were also excited to explore, design, build and script in Second Life, was the cherry on top.  

Second Life is a little slower and different somehow, but the original spirit is still there and hopefully with Linden Lab’s team and so many inspired users still using their imagination, we can get more talented artists to flourish like the golden era, before “CopyBot” piracy and unethical  scammers hurt and turned off so many talented artists.  The case of Gala Phoenix comes to mind, she was IMHO one of the best SL female avatar skin creators.  I believe they ended up settling, but the whole thing was a sour note for many other SL artists and fans of her work.  I kind of lost interest after that, but I keep coming back, it’s weird, but there is really something memorable about a place created entirely from the minds of Second Life users.

Hopefully SL will keep growing and these issues can be overcome.  I hope we can expand our travels and share information about other virtual worlds.  Some good friends I met in SL, have since migrated to their own OpenSimulator Metaverses, I have visited their extensive abodes, but there is something to be said about connectivity.   

I guess one common goal is to be able to teleport between these Metaverses in the future, just like visiting other websites on the World Wide Web, I’ve heard of such experiments, but will have to dive deeper into current developments, which I hope to report on soon.  Popular developments like High Fidelity Inc, promise to enhance the experience even further with gesture based interactive controls and hosting your simulators on your local computer, which means you can expand your land and builds (prim limits) depending on your hardware configuration.  Baby steps, baby steps…    Happy Cyber Trails!  Aloha.