Hello world!

Welcome to the cyber home of Dreamrezzer!

This site was inspired by my explorations into virtual reality.   I first logged in to (Linden Lab’s) “Second Life” Metaverse on February 02, 2007.   It was an amazing experience, meeting and making friends with other cybernauts which were also learning to build and script in Second Life.  Hopefully we can expand our travels and share information about other virtual worlds.  I have friends who migrated to their own OpenSimulator Metaverses and have visited their abodes like Cyberbohemia, an amazing installation with unique art galleries.  Popular developments like High Fidelity Inc, promised to enhance the experience even further with gesture based interactive controls.   I guess one common goal is to be able to teleport between these Metaverses in the future, just like visiting other websites on the World Wide Web, I’ve heard of experiments, but will have to dive deeper into current developments.  Happy Cyber Trails!   Aloha.

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